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Saturday, 9 August 2008


Today I went shopping for a few things. Mostly food, and something for my nephew's (Alex) birthday, next month. He'll be 8.

In Colchester there is a big shop called "The China Centre"- we have a lot of people from the Far East dotted about here, as they teach various Far East Studies at the Uni, teach Mandarin, etc. So! I had seen a few weeks' ago that they sold genuine Olympics souvenirs stuff and spotted a range of children's rucksacks. I bought one for Alex- a light grey one, with the Beijing logo and a panda character on it. I also bought matching pens. They packed it nicely in a big paper gift bag with red and white ribbons.

And now I don't know where it is.

The last place I know for sure I had it, I was packing my shopping in a food shop before jumping on the bus just outside of it.

Did I leave it at the end of the till?
Did I drop it as I was walking out of the shop?
Did I put it down for a moment, by the bus, when I was getting my fare out of my purse?

I don't know. All I know is that I was only on the bus for 3 minutes before thinking "OH NO!" and ringing the bell for it to stop, leaping off, leaving a confused driver and about 25 bemused passengers.

Or.... perhaps I panicked on the bus unnecessarily, and it was really there, beside me, or at my feet

I went back to the shop. No one there has seen it. Nothing at the bus-stop.

Next step is to call the Bus Company in the morning.

I also had put stuff from other shops into the gift bag- a few things from the art & craft shop, a T-Shirt I'd found in a charity shop. It had a cat on it, too, dammit.

Have you ever done anything like this?

Those who know my other sites, and my muses Bob and Dilly, will understand how my heart jumped into my throat and I bawled my eyes out- I came so close to losing Dilly. They often come shopping with me. If she had been in that bag, I'd have lost her...... At first I cried out of frustration, then anger at the possibility that someone had taken it, then disappointment that I had lost really nice gifts that I'd already been looking forward to showing my partner, then my mum, then finally sending to Alex. But THEN, when I realised how easily I could have lost Dilly, oh boy did I lose it.

Do I feel stupid or what? So, so STOOOOPID! -I feel silly that 4 bags was too much for me to look after!

Rang OH, he got the car out and came and got me. His advice?
We'll call the Bus Company;
you didn't lose your purse;
you're not silly- it happens;
sometimes you just have to say "D'oh!" and let it go



Amy said...

Oh Helena! That sounds terrible, but hopefully someone will be a good samaratin and turn it in somewhere where you were yesterday!

I have worked in retail for a long time and people are always leaving their bags on the floor and walking out. I always try to catch them, but if I can't, to security it goes.

I hope you gave Dilly lots of kisses!!! What a relief she didn't go out with you.

Take care, XOXOXOXO

Denise said...

Phew! Yes yes yes, this happens to me ALL the time. Usually I can't find my keys, even in the house I loose stuff!
I always say..right next time I will put them in a special place! Do I? No.....but am just going to make sure I know where the keys are this very minute!

Blue said...

Since I'm loosing track of periods of time @ the mo, I could easily do this, & when I too was in retail I had lots of things left in my store - most never reclaimed.

And, @ least you can replace them.
It's a relief that Dilly & Bob were safely @ home.

Love & hugs to you all.

i beati said...

Hello it has happened to me Yes and I hate the sinking feeling- You picked it out , it was special it pleased you then pow in the stomach ..dqarn drat darn..But we plug on.....

Mousie/Paisible said...

welcome to the club !!! i think one day i'll come back whithout my head !!!
much love from france...

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh yes, I once left my camera on the back seat of a cab ... and the driver returned it! I've seen people drive off with a bag of shopping on the roof of their car!
I once lost one of the loose covers off my settee on the way to the dry-cleaners and never got it back! Who the dickens wants to pick up one loose cover?
It's always when your mind is full of too many things.
Praps you could get one of those bags that go across you to carry Bob and Dilly and your purse in?
I can't bear the thought of them getting lost!

BumbleVee said...

When I was a mere child of 12..it was my job walk to town... taking hundreds of dollars in cash money to pay househld bills...which were always a few months behind. So...the amount was huge. One time I was carrying over $400.00 ... had to pee so went into the washroom at a large department store...left the loaded wallet on the back of the toilet... walked out and turned in the direction of the coal company and realized what had happened. I got so scared I could hardly breathe...my face turned purple I am sure...my heart was absolutely pounding....dashed back inside... checked the washroom...and gone! By then I was in tears and knew that I might as well throw myself in front of a bus because if I went home without it...dear old dad would kill me with his bare hands. In a fog I found the lost and found and whispered my problem and asked if by chance anybody had turned it in.... the lady said...is it a blue wallet? ...my knees almost buckled when I said ..yes.... she turned and picked it up off her counter... apparently a very nice lady customer was next to use "my" toilet...and immediately turned it in. Intact. Oh, how I wish I had been able to thank that lady! By then tears were streaming down my face and I staggered out the door to pay the f@#$%^& bills...

CherryPie said...

I lose all sorts of stuff too. Recently I lost my driving license which was always in my handbag. It never did turn up I had to pay for a new one.

That advice is really good :-)

Dragonstar said...

Your partner's right Helena. You've only lost things - important things, I know, but eventually replaceable and they may turn up. I well know the stupid! feeling, but you still have your purse and your keys. Most important, you still have Bob and Dilly. I'm crossing my fingers that your stuff is at the bus company. Hugs!

leslie said...

That is so frustrating! But it happens to us all and hey, you can look forward to more of that happening as you get *clears throat* older - like me. I'm always afraid I'm getting Alzheimers like my Mom had. And like others say, it was only "things."

Ms. Creek said...

I've done that before and it made me feel stupid, but when someone else does it, it's understandable and not stupid!

Dilly...so glad she is still around. Hope your day is better and you have forgiven yourself!

Helena said...


Oh yes, I gave Dilly quite a squeeze when I got home! LOL!



When we loose something in the house the first place to look is down the sides of the sofa- we find pens, computer stuff, keys, money, even knives. LOL!



I think I was most upset at the THOUGHT that I might easily have lost one or both of them!
Thank you so much for the lovely e-card!


i beati,




So lovely to see you again!
I'm learning here that I'm not the only one, and Gladsome! LOL!



I once got into a Black Cab in London and found a big camera on the back seat, so I gave it to the driver. He said it must belong to the journalist he just dropped off at The Times and that he's take it round there. I've often wondered what pictures were on it!



Oh boy, I felt quite queasy just reading about it! I'mglad you got it back.



My OH lost his new tax disk and we looked high and low, but had to buy another. Never did find it, and that was a few years ago...



Yup. Keep telling myself, it was only stuff. I think it's cos it was all brand new and for someone else.... hey ho!



I did say to my OH when he came to collect me, "I feel like a silly old woman". He said I can't be old, cos he is 5 years older.


Ms Creek,

Almost.... still think I'm rather potty for not being able to look after 4 bags! Thank goodness Dilly was home and ok. She was watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, hoping to see a few dragons!

Stardust said...

Phew... that was close.

I lost things too. And mostly important or precious things. I think it happens sometimes, but foul mistakes make us better. Glad that Dilly and Bob were home. =))) Sorry about your lost goods, but I'm sure you're truly relieved that your kids are spared. =)

Just be more careful next time, and avoid what's more than you can handle, ok? ;)