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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


 The Interpretation of Murder
by Jed Rubenfeld

I had never realised how splendid City Hall station was, with its crystal chandeliers, inlaid murals, and vaulted arches. 

This book has its own website:

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Ppick up any book, go to page 52, then go to the 4th line. Give us whatever sentences cross the 4th line. i.e. you may have to go back a bit or forward bit, but the 4th line is your guide!

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Eileen said...

Just starting to read this.

From 'And She Was' by Alison Gaylin:

"But when Brenna had suggested that perhaps Carol had been interested in hiring her - Do you know anyone she might have been trying to find? - Wentz had caved, weeping into the phone."

Blue said...

Have this on my must buy / read list!

My post is up here ...

Feronia said...

"He is on the other side, looking straight into this room where we are." Haruki Murakami, "After Dark".

Angel and Kirby said...

A Charmed Place by Antoinette Stockenberg

Mrs. Roiters case a longing glance in the general direction of the coffee cake, then sighed and stood up. "so when do you think would be a good time?" she ask Maddie.