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Monday, 7 May 2012

Uplifting video from my online tutor :)

This is a video from the art tutorial site that carries the course I'm signed up to.
(God, what a clumsy sentence that was. There must be an easier way to put that.)
Anyway. I'm still on lesson One, as I can't get going, even with time on my hands-
Kevin left for Ireland 6am Saturday and isn't due back till tonight, and I haven't seen mum since about 8.30pm Saturday as my brother picked her up yesterday and will being her back about 6 this evening (yes miracles, it seems, can happen, especially if your brother is under the impression that YOU are off to Ireland too and so he NEEDS to take mum for a day or two. LORD knows what he thought I was going to do with Scooter. I would NEVER have Scooter left alone or with strangers.......)

But I digress..... well I've been digressing since Saturday night. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO RELAXED AS I DID SATURDAY NIGHT!- Knowing I was FREE for 48 hours. OMG. The quiet. The quiet quiet. I had a long, long bath with bubbles and a magazine. I tripped about with wet hair and downloaded a film from BT Vision. I spread cushions and a quilt on the floor to sleep,  and Scooter climbed in.

I had imagined I'd be doing lots of arty stuff this weekend. But nope. But I have enjoyed watching other arty people and reading my arty books. And I've enjoyed just doing nothing. And not having to say things three times to people who either don't hear or don't listen. And not having to sit on a chair cos both sofas are taken. And sleeping close to Scooter, and being present when he fell off the windowsill (!!!) and cuddling him all better as he sneaked under my quilt.

I want to get going on my art course but I am suffering from inertia. If I do the course and find I can't do it, that's disappointing. I need to throw myself into it and dismiss such pessimistic nonsense. It's only a bit of art, Helena, get dabbling. Sod what the critics in your life will say. In fact f~~~, don't even show them!

Hey ho, here is my tutor on an inspirational video she made......

Do watch, It'll cheer you up!

**** *** **** *** **** ***

Quick Scooter update-

He is ok. The fall off the windowsill (in his sleep) just winded him and i was there straight away so he was ok. It didn't bring on anything bad, which I feared might happen. No, he just hurt his pride, I think!
One thing though- he has really, really bad poo- like, liquid poo. I keep digging over his patch in the garden and devising new ways to disguise it and get rid of it and mix it in and bury it (LOL) LOOK if you think this is disgusting, did you ever have a baby? Well then. I didn't, but I do remember my kid brother's nappies. So I know what you've been clearing up. So I'm ok with Scooter poo, cos I love him :) even when it gets on me and my jeans have to go through two bio-washes at 60 to get it out (talk about toxic).

Anyway I have been online- ages yesterday- on Vio Vet and a couple of other trustworthy online pet shops. I've ordered what I hope to be better quality dry food specially for oldies, and some "palatable" (yeah, right!) stuff to stop the diarrhoea, similar to what th vet gives out.

Should arrive Wednesday or Thursday. Hope it helps. Just realised that the colour of his poo is the colour of his dry food so I don't know that much is being digested. Bleagh.

Last night and today he has had steamed chicken and steamed white fish. He was nyom nyom nyom. Now he is outside in his tent. HIS tent. Did I tell you that I bought a BIG tent? A TWO MAN tent? It's so me and Scooter can stretch out in there on sunny days on blankets with cushions and books while mum and K are inside wacthing tv. We've tried it once. I put the big tent up, then called Scoot out of his little 'pet tent'. He stood there with is mouth open when he saw the big tent. He couldn't believe it. Not til he got it in with me and stretched riiiiiight out. Didn't want to get out. Do you have a pet? Do you have a garden? Get a tent for you both in that garden now! Why should kids have all the fun?????
Love, tea & cake,  


Angel and Kirby said...

Hope you enjoyed you alone time with Scooter! I enjoyed the video!

Julie said...

Freedom to do exactly as we please is wonderful and noone deserves it more than you and I know that chilling out and watching and reading arty stuff will have recharged your batteries. Time spent quietly with Scooter is precious too :-)) xxx

Julie said...

PS My mum fell out of bed the other night too. I felt it was my fault as I'd got the home to change over her bed to the one she used to use here! She didn't hurt herself thank goodness.

BumbleVee said...

That's the fun thing about taking on-line classes....you never have to show anybody if you don't want to ... but, if you want to ...you can...and you probably will before you know it.... everybody is very supportive it seems. I used to want to do a Suzi class.... but, never got around to it.

Feronia said...

Sometimes just chilling out is exactly what we need! Sounds like you had a good weekend :) I'm about to start an online art class too - this gorgeous clip inspired me! Thanks Helena,
Feronia x

Found art blog said...

You went camping with Scooter?!?! And bro' had Mum for two days because K went to Ireland?? I think K should invent some more weekends away and see if bro does it again (devilish grin!!)
Sounds like a fabulously lazy purry weekend!!

Eileen said...

That really is an uplifting video, Helena. Suzi's life philosophy is something I'd like to grow into. Thanks for sharing that.

Good thoughts to you,

Gilly G said...

I've got my name down for a brand new kitty! We're gonna get one of them tents to hide from my crazy rabbit! Love to you & scooter from Ribs xxx