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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

yet more cards...

I've trawled through my picture files and I THINK these are the last ones to show you!

A few Easter ones that I missed the other day:

More stitchery ones.....this first one was for my Aunty Pat's birthday. She used to have a Yorkshire terrier called Pepper, so when I spotted this design I knew I had to try it for her!

MAY have got a tad  OTT with the adhesive gems on this one. I sent a similar one to Asta for a Good Luck In Your New Home card!

I like the simplicity of this one:

I like this next one, even though it took longer than most because of all the different 'bits'. 
I love the cat looking in the window, and the blossom!
 I sent this one to Feronia, in Australia.

This was a thank you card for friends of Bob's in the USA:
They sent him stuff.
Lots of Bears/dogs/cats/people sent Bob stuff.
(And Dilly).
They get more mail than me!
here's the reverse:

An old 'Penny Black' image finally used, with puffy stuff in the middle of the flower:

OK I *think* that's it, all up to date now.

I have LOTS more toppers done but would you believe I've run out of blank cards?! (But not envelopes, strangely!) I have tried to fold A4 card that I have but it splits along the fold, so not suitable, blast!
I shall have to go shopping!
I can't remember where I got the best ones from..... Paperchase used to stock some lovely ones but the branch here doesn't any more. I'll go windowshopping online one evening! Let me know if you know of any bargains anywhere, won't you?!

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Love, tea & cake,  


Angel and Kirby said...

I all ways enjoy your cards!

Eileen said...

You do such lovely work, Helena. They are all wonderful. I like the bluebirds one, and think the flowers are just right. :)

Dragonstar said...

I love the stitched cards, both here and below. I've not seen these anywhere, and I wish I had!

Hammie Hamster said...

Oooh, I love the one with the birdhouse and the birds! It is so beautiful that it should be framed!