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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Tears Of The Giraffe
by Alexander Mccall Smith
The premises of Judgement-Day Jewellers were tucked away at the end of a dusty street, alongside the Salvation Bookshop, which sold Bibles and other religious texts, and Mothobani Bookkeeping Services: Tell the Taxman to go away. It was a rather unprepossessing shop, with a sloping verandah roof supported by whitewashed brick pillars.

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Thanks to everyone who joins in with this, btw!
If you want to join in too, here's how:-

Pick up any book, go to page 52, then go to the 4th line. Give us whatever sentences cross the 4th line. i.e. you may have to go back a bit or forward bit, but the 4th line is your guide!

Either put your finding on your blog and tell us in the comments to this post, or just write the entry itself in the comments. Simples!

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Angel and Kirby said...

Sew Deadly by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

So will the fact that I've has experience painting murals and am willing to donate the time and the paint to get it done.

Eileen said...

With Scooter's recent Close Encounters of the Mouse Kind, I thought you might like this one, Helena :)

From 'Time Stops for No Mouse' by Michael Hoeye:

"A procession of forest folk arrived at the castle gate and slowly (a little too slowly) made their way up the steps to beg an audience with the King."

Found art blog said...

From "The Minutes of the Lazarus Club" by Tony Pollard.
"But then Brunel pipled up from across the table 'Dr Phillips is here at my invitation. He has much to teach us about his trade', then added as he glanced at Russell's notes 'I also believe be may have another valuable service to offer us."
Bought this last weekend and finished it in about two days!!!

Helena said...

Found Art:
I love it when a book's so good you finish it in a couple of days!!

Yes, I think I would like that one!

Angel & Kirby:
I'm curious. I think I know this;l is it part of a series? It rings a bell...