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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Update on cards

I've been posting photo's of cards on my Facebook page, as it is quite quick to do. 
Blogger keeps urging me to switch to the 'new interface' and even put me there once, but I switched back! I don't like the new editing thingy! But maybe this is why it is slow to upload photo's, and even crashes sometimes.

Anyway, here I am, up at 4am again (oops) with Scooter on Mouse Watch at the kitchen door (every now and then he comes over and moans at me cos apparently there's something I CAN do to produce mice I'm just NOT doing it). Thought I would try to upload a few card photo's.

I'll do a few here, then schedule some more to come up on other days.

First, here are some of my Easter cards:

 (this went to Miss Peach's mum, Karla. That's Peachy up among the stars.)

 (This went to my cousin Jacky who is almost as cat mad as me. It's a Lesley Anne Ivory decoupage. I so pleased to find out that her designs were available like this at last. This was a very deep 3D card, with about 5 layers, I think.) 

Right now I have to find what file the others are in.....

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Love, tea & cake,


Angel and Kirby said...

Those are pretty. They look like they are hand stitched!

Helena said...

They are hand stitched!!!

mrsnesbitt said...

Oooooooooooooh! Lovely jubly! xxxxx Loved the goose one OFCOURSE!!!! xxx

Found art blog said...

They're FAB!! I like the ducks one!!

Julie said...

I received the first one :-)) They are all beautiful, clever girl, and I really love the dancing ducks too xx