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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I've never actually finished this book. Really must have another try....

 Life of Pi
by Yann Martell
The vestibule had clean, white walls; the table and benches were of dark wood; and the priest was dressed in a white cassock- it was all neat, plain, simple.
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Thanks to everyone who joins in with this, btw!

If you want to join in too, pick up any book, go to page 52, then go to the 4th line. Give us whatever sentences cross the 4th line. i.e. you may have to go back a bit or forward bit, but the 4th line is your guide!

Either put your finding on your blog and tell us in the comments to this post, or just write the entry itself in the comments. Simples!

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Love, tea & cake,


CherryPie said...

Another book I very much enjoyed reading :-)

Blue said...

Not read yours but heard it in serial form on the radio.

My post is up - it's a very personal choice ...

Eileen said...

Ha ha. The doctor says the rash and edema plaguing my hands and face are caused by poison ivy. And I have absolutely no idea how I could have come into contact with any!

Anyway, my 52/4 is from a wonderful story for children of all ages, 'The Hounds of the Morrigan' by Irish author Pat O'Shea:

"That's right. I've got my black hazel stick from Lugduff and you have your white hazel stick from Cregbawn; do we want more and we having the wealth of Wicklow?"

Itchily yours!

Helena said...

Ooo Eileen, that's annoying! Can anti-histamines help??

I love revisiting children's stories. Especially when I am low/fragile. They are soothing, and help my mind tick over in a safe way :)

Helena said...


I read some more of the book and read a horrible bit about a zebra's death :( it has put me off it now!

Helena said...

Blue! Hi again! I'm off to check yours out :)

Eileen said...

Hi Helena,

The doctor gave me a corticosteroid injection, wrote a prescription for a ten day course of Prednisone, and said I could take over the counter anti-histamines. I'm a little less itchy today, and I'll take any relief! And if nothing else, the anti-histamines make me drowsy, so I got a little more sleep last night!

I put a couple of pictures up at my blog. They aren't pretty, but that's not my strong point anyway!

I agree about children's stories. They're like comfort food for the mind.

Keeping you and Scooter in my thoughts. xx