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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


A little chuckle this week....

 Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
by James Finn Garner
"What Snow White didn't know was that this was really the queen in disguise and that the apple had been chemically and genetically altered so that whoever bit it would sleep forever."

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Thanks to everyone who joins in with this, btw! 
If you want to join in too, here's how:-

Pick up any book, go to page 52, then go to the 4th line. Give us whatever sentences cross the 4th line. i.e. you may have to go back a bit or forward bit, but the 4th line is your guide!

Either put your finding on your blog and tell us in the comments to this post, or just write the entry itself in the comments. Simples!

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Angel and Kirby said...

rock the pink by K. A. Thompson

I counted myself lucky, and wondered why my left foot was now hurting every bit as much as my hip.

This book is written by a fellow cat blogger. Max the Psychokitty.


She also has her own blog called Thumper Thinks Out Loud


The book is about some of her life but mostly about training for a 60 mile 3 Day Event for the cure in the Susan G. Komen foundation.

She has a blog about her walking also.

A Wabbit Walking


Eileen said...

I looked up your Politically Correct Bedtime Stories on Amazon, Helena, and just bought it for my Kindle! :)

My 52/4 is from 'Two Cats Walking' by Bettina Selby (2000). It is about 2 cats who escape from their 'humans' moving van and embark on a scary adventure through Middle England, learning a few things about life on the way. I so enjoyed this book that I bought 2 copies, just in case one gets lost!

"But sometimes in the evenings, in front of a log fire, while Meg and Bill play music or read a book or watch television, it feels to me almost as if we were one family. Even Sappho forgets her dignity then."

(I just looked at amazon.co.uk and they have a Kindle download for £3.84)

Eileen said...

Oh my! 'Politically Correct Bedtime Stories' The Three Little Pigs is fantastic!

Thank you, Helena!

Helena said...

Eileen, where my mum lives, they have a visit from a library van every two weeks. It came this morning, and she told me that she saw a book about cats that go travelling, but didn't get it in case it was sad. I wonder if it were the same one you're talking about? Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Helena said...

Angel and Kirby, thank you for the links!!!

Blue said...

Sorry I haven't posted yet - bad week - will play tomorrow hopefully !!!

Found art blog said...

Just wanted to let you know not to worry at all about that google post I posted this week. I don't think the storage thing applies to everyone..... so don't go setting up a plan with them unless they specifically ask you to!!!
Also, please tell Bob and Dilly that we just blogged about their amazing package.... and yours too!!