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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

At last, an interested vet!

Well the vet didn't call back yesterday. It isn't the first time this one hasn't called me when I've been told he would, so I wasn't desperately suprised.

Last night I stayed up and kept an eye on Scooter, getting him to take some food through the night. Once again, he was fine in the morning, no seizure, and not a twitch through the day that I observed. He even managed to get up on to a chair in the garden, and from there, up on to the table where mum and me were sitting:

I called the clinic again and asked if Nick G., the vet who had visited Scooter at home last month, was back from holiday yet. I was relieved to hear he was! I asked if he could call me and again, went into what it would be about. He called after hours, this evening.....

Well, the upshot of it is that he will come out on Thursday to take some blood from Scooter. I am so scared for my fur-baby but I know we need to see if there are any clues in his blood. 

I mentioned that Scooter hadn't had any blood tests for about a year, so he said he'd do a full test, checking to see how the thyroid is doing too.

About my hypoglycaemia theory, he was very interested to hear about the night feeds and the difference these made. He said that hypo-g could be caused by liver cancer :(   or by a tumour on the pancreas called an insulinoma. He said he hadn't heard of this tumour in a cat before (but has treated dogs for it) and he has been in practice since 1987. But there is a specific test for this type of tumour, so he will run that on the blood he takes.

As to prognosis, IF it IS that kind of tumour, he said the usual treatment is palliative; give steroid shots to control it and slow it down, and this will make things ok -for a while. But we don't know what effect steroids would have on Scoot though, as he is FIV. This type of tumour is always malignant :(

Re. liver cancer, he doesn't suspect it but can't rule it out. The thing is, he doesn't have obvious abdomen discomfort, he doesn't have bad digestion problems, he isn't sick, doesn't have bad breath, isn't peeing more than usual (these are all liver cancer symptoms), doesn't drink more than usual, isn't losing weight, doesn't have jaundice and whenever his temperature's been taken, it's normal. Just about the only symptom he has on the liver cancer list is the seizures.

PRIMARY liver cancer is rare in cats, apparently, meaning if it's there it probably spread from somewhere else. Waaahhhhhhhh...

Anyway, he said the hypo-g., in the end, may be the result of a very tired pancreas, perhaps due to the FiV, and that maybe if that's the case, it could be controlled with careful diet monitoring.
OR it may be the bacterial infection, as bacteria gobble up blood sugar.

Above all, I keep telling myself, Scooter is 19, Fiv Positive, has hyperthyroidism yet is still a big cat who shows an interest in his surroundings. He is a fighter!!

THANK YOU again for all your lovely, loving support. PLEASE keep Scooter in your purrrayers and send us the most positive vibes you can muster.

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Love, tea & cake,  


MorningAJ said...

He looks so much like my Barney that I can't help but feel every up and down in Scooter's health. I'm not sure how old Barney is. He's a rescue cat so I don't know how old he was when I got him and actually can't remember when I adopted him. It feels like forever. But I think he's not far off Scooter's age.
I'm glad you have an understanding vet. It really helps.

Everycat said...

HURRAY! the interested, respectful, responsive, caring vet returns! I bet you are so relieved.

Scooter looks like a very comfy boy on his table cushion. My cats have noted this.

We all hope that the tests reveal something manageable. Scooter is a remarkable cat.

Love, rumbly purrs

Oliver, Gerry, Mungo & The Ape

Eileen said...

I am so glad your caring vet is back and that he will do Scooter's blood work. You're fighting for your little fighter! Good thoughts and good vibes sent to you all from me in Little Rock. x

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad your caring vet is back. Glad you've found a way to help Scooter with night feeds.

The Lee County Clowder said...

The good V*T is back! Good noos, for the beans, at least. For the kitties, maybe not so much.

Purrrrrrring that the V*T can give you some answers, and that the answers are good noos.

PS: To answer your question, Grace O'Malley was named after an 16th Century Irish noblewoman. Grace was our third coal black kittie, and her name carried on the pirate girl tradition of our first two, Anne Bonny & Mary Read. Gracie's introduction post has a little more information about the Irish Grace O'Malley.


We read about Scooter and wanted to come by to say we're sending purrs, prayers and wags for a simple solution.

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

Angel and Kirby said...

It is so good that Nick will come out and is listening to you! He is actually thinking you know what you are doing!

Beedeebabee said...

Wow...Scooter is 19?!! I had no idea. He is a real fighter, isn't he? :) I so hope this vet can find the problem, and it's fixable...I'll tell my four kitties to keep Scooter in their kitty prayers along with me. (precious photos!) xo

Dragonstar said...

I'm so glad your good vet is back! If you can find out just what's wrong it will be such a help. I love those photos!

Found art blog said...

Big cuddles and smoochies!!!