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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Scooter and Flat-Mouse, & another seizure....

Just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter........

This is Scooter with Flat-Mouse.
Flat-Mouse is so called because he came without filling, just a little catnip inside.
After having been left out in the rain overnight one time, and getting all muddy, and then having a whizz round the washing machine and an undignified hang by the tail on the washing line, Flat-Mouse is nice and soft but no longer catnippy.
Scoob loves him. I often stroke him with Flat-Mouse.

I took this picture yesterday. He's on his cushion by the door in the sun. I had left the mouse next to him. Next time I looked, he had scooped him up in his paws and was holding him like this.

**** *** **** *** **** ***

Another seizure today, that's 3 days in a row. Today's was a bit more worrying than the last two. AND- the lump on his face is back! It wasn't there over night, I know because I stayed up with him. But sometime when he was asleep this morning, between 6 and 9, it came back! NOW it is below his lower eyelid, on his cheek bone. The eye is all watery, but clear, no redness or discharge.

I rang the vet- the last two I've spoken to are on holiday now. So I ended up having to speak to the one I've been less confident in. He recommended I use up the 4 antibiotic pills I have in the house left over from April when I he gave me a large amount of them for whenever Scoot has sniffles. He said if they aren't working on the lump by the time I've used them up, he recommends another Convenia injection, which is exactly what I DON'T want Scooter to have. So I'm going to browse online and see if there is an alternative anti-B that comes in pills.

Convenia has so many associated side effects. And it stays in the body up to 65 days, even though it's only effective for about 12. He had this jab 2 weeks ago without my prior approval, and I don't want it doubled up. I said all this to the vet but he just said it'll be ok. But my gut feeling is to query this. WHY give an animal an anti-b injection if he is perfectly ok with taking pills??? I'd rather give him a dose a day. If he has a bad reaction to the jab, it's in his system and too late to do anything. If he reacts badly to a pill I can just stop giving it to him...............at his age, as well, I don't want all this stuff building up in his system. I have to think about his liver and kidneys...... aarggh!!!!!!!!!! 

I wish my friend, Donna, was still around. I would always run to her with stuff like this. She would talk to her husband, a vet, and then come back to me, or she would just stop me worrying with her tales of looking after strays, or with her humour.... I miss her. She died 31st May. I feel like I haven't had time to grieve yet. I keep thinking I can email her....
Love, tea & cake, Helena


MorningAJ said...

He's so cute!

Di said...

Oh Helena, what a lovely picture. So sorry to hear about Donna - I still think of one of my friends who died years ago when funny things happen that would have amused her.

Hang in there honey - sending love and hugs! Di xx

Angel and Kirby said...

THat is a sweet picture of Scooter!

Everycat said...

What a darling picture of Scooter.
It's odd for a vet to recommend taking an incomplete course of antibiotics. Is there another vet at the practice who you could consult with until the two good ones come back from hols?

Still sending rumbly purrs & love

Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Helena, That picture of Scooter with his little mouse is so adorable! You are so diligent in your persuit to help this little guy. Such a good kitty mom you are....I'm sorry about your friend. xo Paulette

The Lee County Clowder said...

Love that photo of Scooter and his flat mousie. Sending some more comforting purrrss to Scooter.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

We's sending purrs and purrayers to sweet Scooter.
Also, I's maked a specshul grafik fur him and posted it on the Cat Blogosphere so effurryone can come by and visit.
Scooter is so adorable and Flat Mouse looks like a lotta fun.
Love & Purrs,
KC & Kitties

Helena said...

))))thank you all!!((((

Everycat, the anti-b I'm giving him is called Marbocyl P and a course for ktties is 4 or 5 days, so I should have enough. He is on 3/4 tablet a day which means I have to break it up and put it in his food, luckily he is liking Hills A/D at the moment, the stinkiest licky mush in the world!!!