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Friday, 10 August 2012


The blood tests showed that Scooter's sugar levels have been low for a long period.
The v-t could only think of two things that would cause such low levels for a sustained period.
The first is liver cancer.
Although Scooter's liver reading was up, he didn't think there was a problem here.
Scoot doesn't have any of the other signs of liver cancer, and anyway, he doesn't think that even this would make the sugar *SO* low.

The second is that rare pancreatic tumour called an insulinoma. It can't be 100% confirmed without an ultrasound. But given Scooter's age - 19 1/2 next month - this wouldn't be possible. The v-t says he can't see it could be anything else.

If you google 'insulinoma in cats' you won't find much! I keep finding extracts from vet journals that read 'there are only 4 cases in the record'. One said five.

The opinion is always that the tumour progresses quickly.

However, Scooter's seizures started last summer. 
So, logically, this means 1 of 3 things-

1) it's been an insulinoma all along, and now it is speeding up, and he doesn't have long
2) the literature is wrong, the tumour doesn't always progress quickly
3) it isn't an insulinoma

Anyway...... so we're agreed that the cause of the seizures is low blood sugar. We now know diet isn't going to be enough to improve this, so Scooter has been prescribed a dose of prednisolone to raise the blood sugar.

He also has new anti-biotics, smaller ones, that I'm hoping to be able to get into him more easily. These are for the lump on his face, which the v-t now expects to be an antibacterial infection, following the blockage of the tear duct by something-??- we don't know what.

So................. we treat the symptoms with the steroid, basically.
In insulinoma, this will help control it.
Eventually, the steroid won't work.
At that stage, we have to judge how good Scooter's quality of life is....

I am grateful for more time, but at the same time as this, I know that the decision I thought we were having to make a few weeks ago is only a matter of time. Then again, it always is, isn't it? Now we can make him feel better at least for a while. Give him a good final run-up.

Today I went into town and bought one of those huge big padded pillows, covered in long soft fleece. Oh! It had 'dog bed' on the label. Really? Where does the dog go???
I brought it straight to Scooter in the garden. He got on it right away and was soon snuggled in, purring. Well, I have to spoil him while I can ;)

Thank you all, again, for all your support, purrs and purrayers...... it has been a long few weeks. At least now we have some answers, even if not very nice ones. THANKS for being there.... your comments and emails, and my visits to your blogs (oh yes, I've been lurking, even if I couldn't comment!) have helped me keep going and helped me especially during the nights when I've sat here alone and just cried so hard I can't make a sound.

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Love, tea & cake,  


Julie said...

I'm pleased you now know what's at the root of Scooter's problems even though it's not good news. At least you know what you are dealing with and you will not be using up precious energy worrying about what it could be. I know you will make the decision when the time comes and meanwhile you and Scooter can share some happy cuddly times. xxx

The Monkeys said...

Thank you for coming by to wish Bella well. She is doing really well and eating on her own now.

We are sad to hear that Scooter is having so much trouble and big purrs and positive thoughts are on the way! He is a very handsome boy!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Sending comforting purrrrrrrrss. Hang in as long as you can, Scooter.

We're not sure it counts as a 'bright side', but if they've only diagnosed four cases, saying insulinoma is 'always' anything seems kind of pretentious.

Angel and Kirby said...

Are they going to give him any thing to bring the sugar up at night so you can get some rest? Lots of purrs and prayers coming your way.

Helena said...


Yes, the prednisolone should raise the blood sugar ok, and he has one tablet a day, half in the morning and half at night. Hopefully this will be ok. I'll still kip on the sofa for a while though. It will be very hard to go back upstairs and leave him alone...


Yes that's a good point!!!! :)


Thanks, I hope Bella continues to improve she is such a little princess. Such comical facial expressions too!!


THanks Julie, I am trying to tell myself, at least now we know, as least I'm not grinding my teeth at the vet any more!!!

ABBY said...

We have lurked for some time .. We are sorry for the uncertainty but you just love on Scooter each and every day. We will continue our purrs

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Helena, my heart breaks for you.
You are such a loving, caring mom to your precious Scooter, and it shows in all your words. He couldn't have a better mom! I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers. Sending you and Scooter some love and hugs...Thank you for your sweet visit, especially now when you're so consumed with worry...as far as my love of autumn and winter goes, there is nothing about those seasons I don't love. Just as you love the warm long days of summer, I love the shorter days and long evenings of fall and winter. The coziness of it all, the wonderful holidays, and of course snow. I just love the snow! I wish there was something you could tell ME to make me not dread the summer!!!...Enjoy your weekend sweet girl. Kisses for Scooter. xo

Di said...

Love and hugs from me too Helena - keeping Scooter comfortable and feeling safe and secure is so important, and you're certainly doing that. Fingers and toes still crossed here of course.


Dragonstar said...

Count me in on the love and purrs. Oh, a good, listening Vet is worth the world! Scooter's such a fighter that, if it IS an insulinoma, he'll write the textbook on it. The Lee County Clowder is so right!
All the best to all of you. I hope you'll be able to rest a bit soon, once the medication starts working.
Love, hugs and purrs all round:)

Everycat said...

We're sorry that the vet thinks it's insulinoma, but we know that you and the good vet will do all you can to manage Scooter's symptoms and give him lots of love and care in the time he has left.

That big cushion sounds so comfy, is it big enough to share with you?

We wish Scooter and you many, many days of love together.

Rumbly purrs
Oliver, Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

Found art blog said...

More hugs from me too.

Alasandra, The Cats and A Dog said...

He are sending healing purrs to Scooter and comforting purrs to the whole family. We has our paws crossed you will get to enjoy many happy days together.

The Island Cats said...

Well, we're glad that you now know what is causing Scooter's seizures, although we're sad that the diagnosis isn't the best. We continue to purr for him hoping your and him have lots of good snuggle time together! oxoxox

Father Tom said...


It's better to have the information, even if your heart is breaking at the same time. We're so sorry, but hope Scooter will be happier treated and delighted with those extra noms and lovin' he'll be getting! :)

Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker & Anastasia

Helena said...

))))thank you all(((( it means so much and helps so much to know you are all loving Scooby from afar. I tell him about his friends around the world, and he purrs.