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Sunday, 5 August 2012


Well I stayed up and fed Scooter at 4am.
He was stirring a little in his sleep, but when I put the saucer near his head he was wide awake, and gulping it down like a starved horse! He ate over half a tin of Hills A/D.
I stayed around, checking on him, watching him sleep, finally lying down to get some sleep myself on the sofa at 6.10am.

I put the alarm on for 8am, but slept through it.
Mum woke me with her 9am call, which she always makes to let me know she is up and ok and taken her tablets.
I fell asleep again..... finally checking Scooter at 9.30am.... he was at the start (I think) of a seizure.
His eyes were wide and glazed, opaque. His head was moving to and fro, to and fro.
I dished up the rest of the A/D and put it under his chin. He licked it up, but still doing the head movement, so he was going
left - middle, eat, - right - middle, eat, - left - middle, eat, - right - middle, eat, - left.. etc.
I kept wiping his chin of long traily bits of A/D and saliva.
Poor Scoob.
But feeding him was the right thing to do as he gradually came out of it. I lay next to him till he was alert again. Luvbug was with us by then and Scooter lifted his head to greet him.

SO- I do think that this may be an overnight drop in blood sugar. My mistake was leaving over 5 hours between his 4am snack and breakfast.

I always put down fresh dry food at night, last thing, and up till recently he has nibbled this through the night. But lately he hasn't. I couldn't understand why not, but this evening the obvious reason has occurred to me- he is simply less active at night lately. You can't eat in your sleep. So even though I put the food right next to him, even if he stirs in his sleep he won't eat it. I need to wake him with food. Sometimes his Mummy can be very slow to cotton on to things.

So I've put the volume up on my alarm and I'll feed him at 4am and 7am, then again at 9 and check him at 10, then sleep a few hours myself.We'll see if THIS works!!!

Thank you for your messages of support and prayers and purrrrayers. Also, for lots of helpful suggestions!-

Everycat- I know the timed feeding dishes you mean, but the trouble is I think he needs to be woken up and actually shown the food to eat it! He is obviously hungry, but even during the day, if the food isn't put under his chin he won't go and eat it! I've only seen once today investigating his dish on his own!

Laura and Taffeta Rose- bloodwork results, yes, good question. Can you believe they haven't taken blood?? I first presented Scooter to the vet in April about the lump on his face, and he was given anti-biotics, but no test. This another reason why I was suprised that the vet gave him the Convenia Jab - without knowing what bug we are up against.

Oui Oui & The Lee County Chowder- He does have a late meal before bedtime. He has the fresh kibble left down all night, and also, when he comes in from his last trip to the toilet patch in the garden (!) I give him a saucer of something. Lately he is licking his plates clean! He loves A/D! I am very pleased because he hasn't been drinking much at all, and A/D is very wet.

Tomorrow I need to call the vet again, really. He said to call when I've used up the anti-B's that I've got. I've got one day's left. I know he'll recommend another Convenia shot. I wonder if to agree, as I have had trouble getting the meds down him today. 

On the other hand, I wish they would do a blood test and see if they can pin-point an infection. He hasn't had a temperature whenever they've tested it, which to me is odd, as I thought you got a temperature if you had an infection. Weird! Maybe his FIV prevents him fighting it, and therefore stops the temperature going up.....

I don't know if this vet would be willing to take blood on a home visit, but I think maybe we need to either think in terms of palliative care, or in terms of finding out what this is. I think if we're still talking about anti-B's then it's worth while trying to find out which ones we should be using, yes? Blood tests will be stressful though...............

I'll see how the early food goes.... it's a seizure each morning for 6 days in a row now.... :(  
I'll speak to the vet tomorrow, but I am dreading it as he makes me feel like I am silly and know nothing, and being a nuisance, an overly worried pet owner making demands on his time.....

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Love, tea & cake,  


Eileen said...

Re the vet, Helena, Scooter is just as important a patient as any others and you and Scooter deserve to be treated with respect and not a put-down. If the vet doesn't feel that way, then he's in the wrong business. I've wimped out so many times in my life, but you stand your ground and sink your teeth in for the best care for Scooter. Many hugs and much love for you and Scooter. xx

Helena said...

Thanks Eileen ))hugs((

Angel and Kirby said...

THe vet needs to understand that you are giving 24/7 care to your boy and he needs to step up and help you figure out what the lump is and what is causing the problem.

The Lee County Clowder said...

. . . overly worried pet owner making demands on his time.....

We're with the others. If this V*T thinks caring pawrents are a bother, he needs to get into another line of work. If there is another V*T around close, a second opinion might be worth considering, especially if this V*T's only treatment is another Convenia jab.

Sending comforting purrrrayers to you all. Hang in there, Scooter.

Everycat said...

I think that a full blood panel would be a very good thing to get done. Sometimes (some) vets can be so apathetic, and it can be a hard slog for the owner to get the vet actively interested in helping their cats! We're with everyone else's comments on this - I wonder if there is a feline only practice near you? It does sound as if the current vet hasn't taken a serious/detailed over view of Scooter's history.

Did you manage to contact Barbera at Catwork or the Cat Chat FIV forum?

Scooter is a very special fella and we know you won't give up on him, he is lucky to have you as his Mum.

Luff & rumbly purrs
Oliver, Gerry & Mungo
& The Ape xx

Found art blog said...

You are absolutely NOT being a nuisance. Go see the vet. That's his job and he gets paid very decently to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big hugs

Found art blog said...

Just had a thought. Do cats get diabetes??? Would explain the low sugars at night.....

Julie said...

Scooter is an amazing fighter and you are an amazing ScooterMum. I don't know of anyone who would give so much to care for their purry friend. I hope you get some good action from the vet.

Helena said...


YEs, cats do get diabetes. But I thought that was having too high sugar, not too low? ????


I agree he needs to have a blood work done, but I can't get this vet to come out and take blood. We are only a 10 minutes drive away, maybe less. But he won't do it. The other vet is still on holiday. He needs to check his thyroid, I think, too, as this hasn't been checked in nearly a year, and he is on thyroid tablets.
This is such a long standing thing I can't get over the fact that no one has taken a swab or bloods or anything to try to find out what's happening. How can I get him to the clinic is just putting him in the carrier will cause a seizure?

Helena said...

Everycat, btw yes, I did exchange emails with Barbera. I must have another look in the forum, too. I am so time poor.... :(